929 on Michigan


929 on Michigan is an 8 unit building originally built in 1924 in South Beach.  It is an historical building so the facade had to be preserved.  Other than that we built the building from the ground up.  

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Before Images: 
The Marilyn was built in 1924 and home to many artists
When we came to it in 2004 -- it needed a lot of help
929 on Michigan needed more than just a face lift
During Images: 
We rebuilt the building from the ground up
Actually attaching it to the ground as we went
We spent painstaking WEEKS rebuilding each corner
We saved the upstairs hardwood floors and original stairs
After Images: 
The design floor plan -- and it really looks like this
An upstairs apartment with 10 foot high ceilings
Brand New Marble Bathrooms
And Kitchens
And Living Rooms
And Living Rooms and Dining Rooms
And Bedrooms with Closets
And even laundry and more closets